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DiskShred passed with distinction and honours

Following a recent audit, DiskShred have been awarded the ADISA certification, achieving the highest level of the accreditation; a Distinction with Honours. This achievement of a Distinction with Honours is only held by four other ADISA members in the UK, positioning DiskShred amongst the elite emphasising why they remain at the forefront of the data destruction industry. DiskShred remain the only data destruction company in Ireland certified to the Distinction with Honours level.

Philip McMichael, Managing Director at DiskShred said, “We are delighted to once again achieve the accolade of the ADISA Certification with Distinction. This is the fourth year that we have received the level of distinction and due to the ongoing commitment of our staff we have further improved to achieve the Distinction with Honours. This emphasises the commitment DiskShred have to retaining the highest level of security and compliance throughout our business processes. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we maintain first class standards, reinforcing to our clients that the security of their data is our top priority.”

Launched in 2010, the ADISA IT Asset Disposal Security Standard was started to improve the quality and security of service offered by data and IT disposal providers. ADISA has recently been recognised as being an industry standard of merit by The Defence Infosec Product Co-Operation Group (UK) (DIPCOG) adding further credibility to its already prestigious status.

By adhering to the stringent regulations of ADISA, this certification establishes DiskShred as a leader in providing secure data destruction services. It continues to assure customers that their IT assets containing data are being disposed of securely, responsibly and in accordance with Data Protection legislation. Customers can have confidence and be reassured that DiskShred operate to the highest industry standards which reflect current best practice for data destruction.

According to a recent survey, only half of UK IT decision-makers are aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation and how this law will impact their business.

Click here to download our help guide on the GDPR law

What is the GDPR?
The upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive update of the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. The Directive was created as a legal framework to regulate the progression of personal data within the European Union regarding the erasure of personal data. The GDPR is due to come into law by early 2016 so you need to be thinking about this legislation now to ensure you are prepared for the changes.

How does the GDPR affect me?
The major implication regarding the introduction of the GDPR legislation is the significant increase in fines charged to those companies who fail to comply. The fines under the new rules will be significant for any organisation as they are expected to go up to 5% of the annual global turnover of a company per incident. Therefore it is crucial that companies now look to review and adapt their business processes to ensure they can comply with the new rules and avoid the penalties for non-compliance.

The cost of a rule break
As the data protection regulations become tougher and more complex, companies need to consider the implications if they don’t start preparing for the new law. Any breaches in data protection legislation, which compromise individuals or clients confidentiality, could potentially ruin an organisation financially.

Failure to effectively erase information upon the disposal of an IT asset or storage device may not only result in financial implications but also in unseen costs, such as the incident recovery cost and the damage that can be caused to the brand reputation of an organisation. Negative publicity can end up costing a business far more than a finance penalty and often takes a much longer time to recover from which ultimately can result in a loss of customers.

GDPR and IT Asset Disposal
The GDPR law affects the whole process of IT Asset Disposal from the collection, use, storage and disposal of sensitive data. These increased penalties and regulations should be a reason to justify investment in security controls within your IT policy to prevent and limit the loss of data should they fail to dispose of their IT assets securely and responsibly.

Retiring unwanted IT assets should be a secure process, carried out by security cleared personnel, collected by GPS tracked and Geo-Fenced vehicles and stored in secure, licensed facilities using CESG approved data erasing software. The whole process should be fully auditable with the ability to track and report on what was erased and who handled the erasure; the data trail will then allow you to demonstrate your regulatory compliance.

Make the change before it’s too late
It stands to reason that managing the aftermath of incidents once they have occurred are far more expensive to an organisation than proactively controlling the risks. It is crucial companies consider the impact to their organisation and make changes before it is too late. Businesses should start work now to ensure compliance with the new legislation, implementing a strategy compliant with forthcoming data protection guidelines.

How can DiskShred help?
DiskShred’s onsite shredding services removes the burden of the legislation surrounding secure IT asset disposal and delivers real cost savings and guaranteed compliance with the latest environmental laws and highest data security standards. Now is the time to consider the potential impacts of the new legislation on your organisation.

Contact DiskShred today to further discuss our services and how we can help you comply with the GDPR regulation.

Email: info@diskshred.eu or telephone 0800 080 5083

A new piece of research has been launched by the BSIA, aimed at assessing the buying behaviour of public sector organisations seeking secure data destruction services.

Following a number of high-profile data breaches within NHS Trusts and local authorities, secure data destruction is now a top priority across the public sector. Organisations operating within the public sector have been particularly prone to poor data management, with many incurring fines of up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a result.

With previous research highlighting a worrying lack of awareness regarding British Standards and legal obligations, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is launching a new campaign to educate those responsible for procuring information destruction services.

Kicking off this campaign is an initial research piece, aimed at organisations operating within the public sector, to gauge their understanding of the various standards operating within the marketplace and to gain an overview of current procurement practices and specifications. Open to organisations of all types – predominantly including those within the healthcare, education and local authority sectors – the research takes the format of an online survey and can be accessed via the following link: http://svy.mk/1ExAJQu

Adam Chandler, Chairman of the BSIA’s dedicated Information Destruction section, comments: “While it’s not just public sector organisations that are prone to data breaches – the average data breach costs private sector firms around £1.9m annually – the sensitive nature of the data held by public sector organisations can expose them to greater reputational and financial risk.

“An overarching theme identified by the BSIA’s previous projects is a general lack of understanding when it comes to the standards that should be specified of a professional information destruction supplier. This often leads to organisations specifying unnecessarily stringent requirements with regards to factors such as shred size, transport and destruction processes.”

As the leading authority on information destruction best practice, the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section is aiming to overcome this issue and further highlight the benefits of various standards – including EN15713 – by launching an educational campaign targeted at end-users within the public sector who are considering procuring information destruction services.

To complete the BSIA’s survey, please visit: http://svy.mk/1ExAJQu All responses are anonymous.

For more information about EN15713 and procuring a professional information destruction company, visit www.bsia.co.uk/information-destruction



DiskShred, a pan-European provider of onsite media shredding solutions, will be showcasing their unique, CCTV innovation at this year’s Infosecurity Europe 2015 Exhibition, being held between 2nd and 4th June 2015 at the Olympia, London.

DiskShred takes redundant, data-bearing media and shreds it down into fragments as small as 6mm. The data is therefore irreversibly and permanently deleted and the media debris is disposed of safely and responsibly according to government regulations. By utilising a fleet of state-of-the-art shredding trucks, the media is safely shredded onsite of a customer’s premises, reducing the risk of a security breach. A Certificate of Destruction is provided to state that the customer has fulfilled their regulatory obligations.

DiskShred is set apart from other solution providers by the speed of service, shredding up to 2,000 hard drives or tapes per day from the self-powered shredder lorries. This topped with the unique CCTV video evidence of the media being destroyed, places DiskShred as the industry-leaders in onsite media shredding that others seek to emulate.

The latest development sees the DiskShred trucks fitted with CCTV, enabling the customers to view footage of their media undergoing the shredding process. The footage is sent to the customer for their records and can be relied upon for future audits. What is unique is that the CCTV footage can be used for asset tracking of the media and can be filtered by the customer. This works by scanning the serial number of each item before shredding and allows the customer to filter the footage to view a specific item being shredded. All items can be tracked as part of the shredding process so they have confirmation of the data disposed. DiskShred create an encrypted asset register for highly confidential hard drives and storage media. This includes the type of media (e.g. hard disks, media tapes, CDs), the Asset Tag (serial number or other identifiers), the number of units and the data and time they were shredded.

Leona Mills, Marketing Manager of DiskShred, comments on why they are exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe 2015; “Specifically designed for the European market with 15,000 industry professionals from over 70 countries expected to attend, this exhibition provides the ideal backdrop for us to emphasise our pan-European offering and to showcase our latest security-advanced onsite shredding solution to support security conscious IT professionals. Come and meet with us at the show on Stand N70.”

For further information on DiskShred or for a quotation please contact Leona Mills (Marketing Manager) on 0800 080 5083 or email info@diskshred.eu