DiskShred provided secure data destruction across 13 countries in 2016

DiskShred, the onsite hard drive and media destruction specialist, widened its geographical coverage last year to 13 countries throughout Europe.


DiskShred has been working regularly in mainland Europe for the past seven years, with requests outside of the UK and Ireland becoming more frequent. The territories covered in 2016 include Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Wales.

“Many of our larger clients have multiple sites throughout Europe and for that reason they seek a data destruction partner who can service all of their office locations both in the UK and across Europe” said Jeremy Bryan, Brand Manager at DiskShred.

“DiskShred provides the secure on-site service that these clients require. We expect to expand further into Europe in the short-term as new opportunities arise with the upcoming EU GDPR creating a renewed focus on data protection.”

The most security conscious companies choose DiskShred and benefit from unique security features such as serial number audit tracking, searchable video evidence of the destruction and 100% tamper-proof audit trail reports. All customers also receive a certificate of destruction guaranteeing the lowest risk of confidential data leaks and providing them with total peace of mind. DiskShred customers include banks and financial institutions, data centres, telecommunication companies, pharmaceuticals and public bodies including hospitals, local councils and central government agencies.

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