Secure onsite Hard Drive Shredding in Dublin

Samuel Beckett bridge and Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland

Samuel Beckett bridge and Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland

DiskShred offers secure data destruction in and around Dublin to businesses of all sizes.

We send a state-of-the-art shredding vehicle to your premises when and where you need it to provide secure onsite hard drive shredding. Our vehicles safely shred your redundant media (hard drives, tapes, disks, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, USB pens etc.) from 20mms down to 6mms without disrupting your staff or your organisation. The service is fully accredited, complying to EN 15713:2009 (Secure Destruction of Confidential Media Standard) and a Certificate of Destruction is provided upon completion.

Why DiskShred?

  • Transparency: Your media is shredded in front of you for total peace of mind. We also provide video evidence of the destruction
  • Fully accredited: EN15713, ISO 27001, BSIA, DIPCOG, CPNI, ADISA
  • Speed: Our purpose built fleet shreds 2 to 3 times faster than others: 500-700 disks shredded per hour
  • Cost Effective: We offer great volume cost savings
  • Size: We have one of Europe’s largest fleets, servicing 13 countries
  • Exceptional Service: 82% of our business comes from repeats and referrals
  • 100% Tamper-proof Reports: Provide destruction audit trail and certification
Get a Quote: Call 180 080 5083 or email info@diskshred.eu

Since 2008, we’ve been developing and evolving our DiskShred services to address the issues our customers care most about.

“I want to see the media being shredded”

No problem, you can sit in the customer viewing area on the truck or watch a canned CCTV of the shred

“I need this done quickly”

Fine, we can shred up to 500 hard drives per hour down to 20mm or to put it another way, three times quicker than the industry average.

“Budgets are tight”

We understand, that’s why we offer our market-leading service at a competitive price; we’re confident that you’ll see the value in our service.

“I need it shredded to a certain standard”

We agree, standards are what sets a service apart. We maintain 11 international security and quality certifications e.g. DIPCOG, CPNI & ISO 9001 / 14001 / 18001 / 27001