CCTV Evidence

DiskShred vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras so we can provide you with digital evidence of your media being securely destroyed.

How Does The CCTV Footage Work?

  • See it from every angle: three cameras provide every angle of the shredding process including all the access areas to the vehicle
  • You will receive the CCTV footage on a USB pen drive
  • The USB pen drive will be encrypted with a password – this will have been emailed to you by your sales executive
  • Download: CCTV Viewer User Guide

What Are The CCTV Features?

  • The CCTV footage is searchable by date
  • The CCTV footage can be watched at 3 different speeds: Real Time, Increased speed and Fast forward
  • The CCTV footage is searchable by the hard drive serial number: This feature is available to those customers who request Asset Tracking/Serial Number Capture of the media. As each item is scanned to the shredder, the recording is stamped with the information serial number and included within the film. This allows you to search for a part of the recording using this number, date or time giving you the ability to scroll to a specific hard drive being shredded.

Why Add CCTV?

  • Extra peace of mind
  • Provides additional evidence for auditing purposes
  • Eradicates the need for staff to witness and monitor the shredding operation

DiskShred CCTV Screen Shot