Why On-Site Hard Drive Shredding?

When it comes to ensuring data is destroyed from redundant media there are a number of different options and routes that can be taken into consideration.

  • Hard Disk Erasure – Hard disk recycling through data wiping, where data is erased using data erasure software. The downfall of hard disk erasure is the length of time required to overwrite the hard drive which may take a number of hours. Other problems that may occur with overwriting are that the disks can have bad sectors meaning the overwriting can sometimes fail, leaving no option but to physically destroy the drive. It also does not discount the human error factor as there is no visible evidence that the disk has been erased.
  • Hard Disk Degaussing – Degaussing destroys the magnetic storage mechanism on hard disks without physical damage to the hard disk’s casing. Therefore a degaussed hard drive does not look physically different after the degaussing process so again does not remove the human error factor where degaussed hard drives could be confused with those which have not. Another downfall with degaussing is that it cannot be used to destroy other forms of media such solid state devices (SSD), CDs, DVDs or USB sticks.
  • Hard Disk Shredding – Secure, physical hard disk destruction where recovery of the information is impossible. The benefits of HDD shredding are listed below.

Benefits of On-Site Hard Drive Shredding?

  • Physical Destruction – The hard drive is completely destroyed into metal cornflakes ensuring 100% destruction and guarantee that the data cannot be recovered.
  • Time Efficient – Shredding redundant media such as hard drives and tapes, is the fastest method to physically destroy data. Other methods such as hard disk erasure take time. Our hard disk shredding service is quick; we can shred up to 600 hard drives in 1 hour!
  • Secure – The service is provided on-site at your premises. Our fully vetted staff attend your premises and shred the drives in the safety of your own premises. The data never leaves your site.
  • Asset Tracking – We can scan the details of your hard drives directly prior to shredding so that the serial numbers can be tracked. We can then provide you with an asset register (link to asset register page).
  • Visibility of the shredding process – With on-site destruction you can witness and monitor the shredding process removing risks that may occur in the chain of custody between the collection from your premises and the final place of destruction. Our DiskShred vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras so we can provide you with visual digital evidence of your media being securely destroyed to complement your paper certification.