Hard Drives & Media Storage Bins

One of the biggest challenges we see as a data destruction company is that organisations are not focused on the internal security regarding the storage of their redundant media. Once redundant media has retired or is no longer needed, it is left in a designated dumping location such as a store room, a cupboard, in a filing cabinet or even a desk drawer. Once media is allowed to gather in these locations you are opened up to risks such as poor inventory management, insider theft and a potential data breach.

Securely store your redundant media with DiskShred’s Storage Bins

The DiskShred storage bin eradicates the risks discussed above by providing a single location internally for people to collect redundant, data bearing media. It also ensures that you fulfil your regulatory requirements of holding such media under lock and key.

Specifications of the Hard Disk Storage Bins

  • Stores around 150 hard drives
  • 82 Litre capacity bin
  • UV established, medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE)
  • W302 x D541 x H866mm

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